Purchase conditions

Here we report the process to order:
1. Product choice

2. Payment: VISA Credit Card

3. Order Confirmation:
After completing the entire purchase process, we send an email to access email showing all the details of your order. Please, if you do not receive contact us. If a product was promptly would find out we will inform you immediately.

4. Shipping and Delivery:
The cost of shipments for Peninsula is calculated based on variables give what is asked such as weight, volume, the length of travel, etc. and following a reference negotiated rates with logistical transport operator.
For ordinary orders in the Peninsula minimum shipping cost will 6,50.- € uros, free shipping costs for orders over 60 €. In the case of Ceuta, Melilla and Canary Islands and because of logistics problems, Autohalogena NOT serves the product. In the case of customers in the European Union, will be those who take care of the shipping, taxes and duties arising from the importation of various items. For shipments that are not detailed above destinations will be made freight collect. In any case, the goods are insured with compulsory insurance established by law, according to the Organic Law of Transport (LOT).

Delivery address:
When completing the purchase data the ability to send the purchase to a different address referred to billing, either because it is a gift, because you want to send the request to another delegation, or any other reason. To do this, simply select the address only timely to consider when completing the data or by entering a different direction to fiscal management, at the time of registration or at the time you are making the order. You can do it from functions to add or modify the delivery address you'll find when you select the method of payment. In this case, the recipient of the shipment will not arrive bill order. This will come to the buyer.

Delivery term:
Our delivery is guaranteed within 48 hours for the entire national territory although most deliveries are made in 24 hours. In case there is any unusual or unexpected delay via mail contact with the buyer to notify the incident which occurred, in order to decide whether the customer is interested in continuing to process the request or not.

5. Returns:
Autohalogena.com accept returns of products within the first 7 days, counting from the date of receipt of the goods by the customer, provided that the conditions required by Law 47/2002, which regulates trade management are met . Returns previously authorized in writing by Autohalogena.com be accepted. To request this authorization, the customer previously contacted Autohalogena.com and once authorized, will indicate the shipping address of the goods and the conditions for the return is accepted. The goods must be returned in their original packaging, in perfect condition and protected so as not to be revived with tape or tape transport. The goods must be received in our warehouse within 7 days after the acceptance of the return. If not received within this period, the return will be rejected. Refunds will be addressed at the following address:
Travessera de Gràcia, 316
08025 Barcelona